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A Bilateral Christmas 

A Studio395 release (2020)

This recording project combines the beauty of music for solo lute with familiar and beloved carols of the Christmas season - but with a twist. The music on this recording features the use  of bilateral sound. 


"The use of bilateral sound helps a person move from a state of dysregulation into a regulated state in the brain and body.  A Bilateral Christmas is recorded with hand panning, alternating the sound into the right ear and then into the left ear.  This music is lovely and soothing by itself, and with the bilateral sound it can enhance self-soothing, relaxation, and preparation for sleep, as well as enhancing mental focus and creativity.  A Bilateral Christmas can be used personally to meditate and decompress, manage anxious and reactive moments, as well as to enhance and deepen psychological processing of anxiety, depression, and trauma in psychotherapy with a psychotherapist trained in Brainspotting and EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing."

Executive Producer & Technical Adviser: Connie Johnshoy, Psy.D., approved Consultant in BSP and EMDR


CD Released December 17, 2020.

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S o l o  R e c o r d i n g s

Dutch Light: The Music of Nicolas Vallet
Phillip Rukavina, 10-course lute
Studio 395 (2017)
Rukavina performs music by the 17th century Dutch lutenists Nicolas Vallet. The music is a blend of the best qualities of early Baroque Dutch, English and French music

Amidst the Snows of Winter
Phillip Rukavina, 7-course lute
Studio 395 (2009)
Solo lute recording of favorite carols of the season arranged for the Renaissance lute.

Italian Lute Music 1508-1517
Phillip Rukavina, 6-course lute
Studio 395 (2017)
Rukavina performs early 16th century Italian lute music by Joanambrosio Dalza and Vincenzo Capirola

Music from the Casteliono Lute Book (1536)
Phillip Rukavina, 6-course lute
Studio 395 (2010)
Solo lute music from this most divine Italian Renaissance music source .

Ala spagnola
Phillip Rukavina, 6-course vihuela
Studio 395 (2005)
A wide variety of Spanish and Italian music for the solo Renaissance vihuela da mano.

Fiori Italiani (Italian Flowers)
Phillip Rukavina, 6 & 7-course lute
Studio 395
Solo 6-course Renaissance lute music from the North Italian Region.

E n s e m b l e  R e c o r d i n g s

Ornythology: Byrd and Friends
Venere Lute Quartet
Gamut Music (2017)
The music of the beloved Elizabethan composer William Byrd and his contemporaries (John Dowland, Orlando Gibbons, Thomas Tallis, etc.) as arranged for lute quartet. Hear the intricate interplay of four outstanding lutenists performing on soprano, alto, tenor, and bass lutes.

Airy Entertainments
Venere Lute Quartet
Lute Society of America 003 (2012)
Settings of music from English masques were published in numerous Continental sources. This delightful music is at the center of a new recording project of the Venere Lute Quartet.

La Pellegrina: Music for a Medici Wedding
Texas Early Music Project
TEMPS (2015) 2 CD set.
The first complete recording of the spectacular theatre and music performed in celebration of the wedding of Ferdinando de Medici to Christine of Lorraine (1589)

Canto y Danza
Chambure Vihuela Quartet
Gamut Music (2011)
Arrangements of beautiful Renaissance Spanish music and songs for four vihuelas da mano  (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass) arranged by Tyler Kaiser. Featuring soprano Carrie Henneman Shaw. 

And Glory Shone Around
Rose Ensemble (2009)
Early American carols, country dances, southern harmony hymns and Shaker spiritual songs.

Bonaifazio Graziani (1604-1664)
Consortium Carissimi
Naxos 8.573257 (2015) 2 CD set
Vol. 1 Cantatas Opus 25
Vol. 2 Adae Oratorium, Filli Prodigi Oratorium and Five Motets.

Sweet Division
Venere Lute Quartet!
Lute Society of America 001 (2006)
A critically acclaimed collection of lute quartet music skillfully played by the Venere Lute Quartet (Gail Gillispie, Douglas Freundlich, Christopher Morrongiello, and Phillip Rukavina)

Stile Moderno, Stile Antico
Terzeti Lute Duo
Studio395 (2010)
Virtuosic later Renaissance and early Baroque solos and duets for lute. Soloist is Tom Walker Jr., duettist is Phillip Rukavina.

Palestrina’s Lute
Venere Lute Quartet
Lute Society of America 002 (2009)
A program of music by the great Italian Renaissance composer (and lutenist!) Giovanni Luigi da Palestrina, as arranged for lute quartet.


Celebremos el Niño
Rose Ensemble (2009)
Christmas delights from the Mexican Baroque era sung by the Rose Ensemble with lutenist Phillip Rukavina.

The Lute Duets of Enriquez de Valderrabano
Duo Chambure
Magnatune (2004)
A rich program of duets by this Renaissance master of the vihuela da mano all performed on a matched set of instruments.

Clear or Cloudy
Featuring soprano Kim Sueoka
Studio 395 (2009)
Lovely and haunting lute songs and lute solos by the incomparable John Dowland (1563-1626). Beautifully sung by soprano Kim Sueoka.


A Bit o’ the Beggar and Tunes of the Isles
Lyrichord Discs 8032 (1998)
A program of Baroque ensemble music featuring songs from John Gay’s “Beggars Opera.". Features soprano Lisa Habeck

Terzeti Lute Duo
Studio395 (2005)
A fun-filled program of lute duets from Elizabethan England, high Renaissance Italy, and France.

Veni o cara
Lyrichord Discs 8023 (1996)
A program of early Baroque ensemble music featuring Recorder, violin, lute, and viola da gamba. Songs sung by soprano Carol Hofstad Lee.


Lyrichord Discs 8018 (1995)
A CD filled with sprightly Renaissance songs and dances featuring recorder, violin, lute, and viola da gamba. Songs sung by soprano Carol Hofstad Lee.