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Lute, Vihuela da mano, Archlute,
Theorbo, Baroque Guitar

F E A T U R E D   P R O J E C T

A Bilateral Journey Volume 1: Dolcemente

A Studio395 release (2021)

This recording project combines the beautiful interplay of High-Renaissance

music for solo lute  - but with a twist. The music on this recording features the use  of bilateral sound. 


"The use of bilateral sound helps a person move from a state of dysregulation

into a regulated state in the brain and body.  A Bilateral Journey Volume 1: Dolcemente is recorded with hand panning, alternating the sound into the right ear and then into the left ear.  This music is lovely and soothing by itself, and with the bilateral sound it can enhance self-soothing, relaxation, and preparation for sleep, as well as enhancing mental focus and creativity.  A Bilateral Journey Volume 1: Dolcemente can be used personally to meditate and decompress, manage anxious and reactive moments, as well as to enhance and deepen psychological processing of anxiety, depression, and trauma in psychotherapy with a psychotherapist trained in Brainspotting and EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing."

Cinical Consultant: Connie Johnshoy, Psy.D., BSP Approved Consultant and EMDRIA Approved Consultant.


CD Release June, 2021.

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